Anemone White Splendour per 25

Anemone White Splendour per 25

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Anemone Blanda White Splendour

The gorgeously coloured De Caen anemones are well-known cut-flowers, sometimes called Florist Anemones and available almost all the year round. Gardeners can achieve a similar long season of colour by planting the claw-shaped tubers at various seasons - in April for June and July, in June for September, and in September in mild areas or under cloches for late winter and early spring blooms. After flowering, the tubers can be lifted and dried, or they may be left in permanently, when they will flower annually in spring



jaargetijde apr-oct
bloeihoogte 10-15 cm
planten feb-mai/sep-dec
diepte 5-7 cm
breedte 3-5 cm


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