Ranunculus Aviv Mixed per 40

Ranunculus Aviv Mixed per 40

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Ranunculus Aviv Mixed

Ranunculus (buttercups) have magnificent, lush, double, 6-10 cm flowers. They are a favorite cut flower which grows 20-30 cm tall, and are available in pink, white, red, orange, gold, or bronze. Tecolote Giant Ranunculus are among the best hybrid strains. They have large peony-like flowers and produce 25 - 35 flowers from each plant. Ranunculus will come back year after year in areas with mild winters and dry summers. elsewhere, you can dig them up and store them or treat them as annuals. Plant your buttercups in full sun to partial shade. Plant them with the points of the roots facing down, 2-5 cm deep and 7-10 cm apart.



jaargetijde mai-aug
bloeihoogte 35 cm
planten feb-mai/aug-nov
diepte 5-7 cm
breedte 4-5 cm


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